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A quiet day

Thursday, July 31st, 2008 @ 9:56 am | Audio, Random

How do you feel today. There is a definite twisted feeling going on in my mouth…

I reecntly ordered some of the Miracle Fruit tablets off of , Miracle Fruit being this miraculous fruit that turns sour foods into sweet tasting foods. I was walking out of my apartment when the mailman stopped me with a package, it was covered in chinese writing but the return address was somewhere in Europe, and like the short term memory fool I have become, I had no idea what it was.

Like a giddy child on Christmas morning, I ripped open the package to find this box of tablets. So I went to the grocery store and bought a bag of lemons to try them out with. Nom nom nom…

I plopped one of the pills into my mouth and let it dissolve, it wasn’t really sweet or bitter, not a taste I can really describe. I let it dissolve like the website instructed me to, and took a bite out of a slice of lemon. WOW my brain is going, “what the hell is THIS?!”.

I cannot describe to you the feeling my brain had when that lemon tasted like sugar, a sugary sweet taste. Almost like honey… This stuff is simply amazing, and I definitely plan on ordering more, I can’t imagine what other foods are going to taste like, I want to run out and eat everything I see now.

I hear expensive cheeses and fruits go well with these, and I definitely plan on trying to import one of the live plants.

If you guys get around to purchasing some, I was informed buyers will receive 5+1 FREE and 10+2 FREE if they type this code in the optional message field at PayPal checkout, “MFWJonR”, so let em’ know I sent you!

Smoke up and have a great day everyone!



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